ATOTO A6 Review – Best Budget Car Navigation Stereo


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Owning a nice SUV/Crossover or a Saloon car is amazing, but you know what else is even cooler? To have the ATOTO A6 or ATOTO A6 Pro installed in your vehicle. This is why I am happy to write about the ATOTO A6 review.

As a car owner, there are several experiences you can enjoy while driving your car. You can decide to drive around with your windows all closed while you enjoy the car air conditioning, drive with the windows down and enjoy the fresh breeze of the environment. It all really depends on you and the occasion as well.

One thing that can really make you have a great time as you drive will be your car stereo. Car stereos help ease those annoying moments during the ride especially when you are stuck in traffic for hours and boredom is looming in your face.

Knowing the important role car stereos play in our cars, ATOTO decided to introduce an incredible car navigation stereo with lots of amazing features that can ensure you have a smooth driving experience at all times. Due to the many functionalities of the ATOTO A6 car stereo, it can be seen as an Android Tablet specifically built for cars.

If you think you have seen it all, wait until you finish reading this ATOTO A6 review.


ATOTO A6 Review – All you need to know before buying this car stereo.

The ATOTO A6 KarLink is a new release of the ATOTO A6 series car stereo. In addition to the regular car stereo features of FM/Radio and GPS/Navigation, this new release comes with lots of improved functions; which include, the phone integration option providing smarter, safer, and more fun ways to use your phone in the car.

This update gives you an easy way to make calls, send text messages, use Maps, and listen to music with just a word or a touch. There is also support for Android Auto and CarPlay to make life easier, and a wired phone mirroring option provides you with an easy connection.

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The EasyConnect app mode ensures that some apps that are not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto can still run via this option.


Internet Access


ATOTO A6 Review - EasyConnect

ATOTO A6 KarLink car stereo provides 3 methods for Internet Access – this includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB Tethering. The USB network tethering is a newly introduced option on the ATOTO A6 series car stereo. This option allows users to share phone data with A6 (KL) via the USB connection. Meanwhile, most common Android car stereos only have the Wi-Fi option. In addition, the USB option also allows users to mount large-capacity mobile storage devices. This storage device option supports the external USB storage and SSD drive, for multimedia playback. However, the SD Card is not applicable.


Using the ATOTO A6 as a Live-Rear-View (LRV)


ATOTO A6 Review Rear Live View

The ATOTO A6 KL car stereo works with an ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera to provide a Live Rear-View (LRV). It is important to note that the ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera is not included in the package.  With the Live Rear-View functions, you can access the rearview even if your vehicle is moving forward. This helps eliminate any obstructions caused by headrests & the vehicle’s rear pillars thereby increasing the field of view.

The device accepts 720P HD rear-view and front-view camera input which is higher than most input from other car stereos. With this, you don’t have to worry about any snowy static picture screen when reversing your vehicle.


Gesture Control – ATOTO A6 Review

ATOTO A6 Review touch gestures

ATOTO A6 KL supports five-touch gesture control. You can easily and quickly use the gesture control to enter the multi-task menu, go back to the previous menu or adjust the screen display brightness, skip songs, adjust the device volume, and a whole lot of stuff simply with two-fingers or three-fingers tap on the screen. There are about 23 actions you can do with gesture control and all this helps provide safe driving and eliminate accidents on the highway.


This makes the operation of the car stereo much safer during driving. Another thing that makes all this easier and better is that the ATOTO A6 KL/ ATOTO A6 Pro car stereo applies a 1024*600 IPS display screen, which helps to improve the screen-viewing definition. You will always have a better view of navigation prompts with this car stereo when compared with traditional display screens.


ATOTO A6 Review


  • OS: Android
  • Color: A6 KarLink 1G+32G-KL
  • Display resolution 1024×600
  • Screen Size: 7 Inches
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car
  • Control Method: Touch

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Other Notable Features of the ATOTO A6


Fast Boot – Boot and Access the System in Less Than 2 Seconds

Traditionally, it may take up to 25 minutes to boot up any android stereo device. But the ATOTO A6 has been able to achieve less boot time within 2s, giving you faster access to the device.  Besides speeding up the boot time, this device is able to safely power down when not in use for a long period of time which helps protect your battery from draining out unnecessarily.

There is an inner clock that keeps track of the device and vehicle usage, if the vehicle is parked for more than 7 days, it will automatically power off the car stereo to save car battery power.

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Viewing Angle with IPS Display screen

The ATOTO A6 KarLink series is equipped with a 178° full-viewing angle IPS display screen, which helps provide a more brilliant viewing experience. It also improves the viewing experience in strong daylight. Most importantly, app tips such as navigation prompts could be viewed in a clearer mode than the traditional display screen. In addition, IPS display technology has outstanding color rendition, as well as retaining displaying naturalness.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Functions – ATOTO A6 Review

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Functions – ATOTO A6 Review

You can now integrate and use all your essential iPhone functions as you drive with Apple CarPlay. To do this, simply connect your phone via cable, and you’ll see a familiar interface displayed clearly on the screen. You can tap the icons to take calls, check text messages, and voicemails, or bring up maps. You can also listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music, or installed apps.

There is, even more, you can do with the Apple CarPlay like talking to Siri to control everything using voice commands. You can dictate text messages, control music playback, or get directions, and you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

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On the other hand, Android Auto gives you all the help you need.

With Android Auto, your journeys will be a lot easier and safer. You can easily connect your Android phone via cable to get traffic information, lane guidance, and real-time navigation assistance from Google maps. Send text messages, take calls, or check your voicemail all through a simple interface. There is also an outstanding voice-recognition technology that lets you control everything by voice. Just by speaking, you can get directions, send messages, make calls, and control music while keeping your hands safely on the wheel


Personal Privacy Protection – ATOTO A6 Review

 The ATOTO A6 car stereo can protect your personal privacy without Sacrificing Convenience.  Whether it’s your Facebook, Google, or other SNS details, the stereo is capable of protecting them from being accessed. The A6 KarLink has a screen lock option for users to lock the screen when the car is not in their control (Valet Parking, or vehicle taken by others). An additional option (Unlock with Bluetooth) allows users to unlock the A6 KarLink screen once the phone Bluetooth is connected automatically. You do not have to input the password manually to unlock the screen. Now, all you need to lock or unlock your A6 KarLink is just walk out of its Bluetooth range which is really cool.


Support and Compatibility for Vehicle Fit / Installation

ATOTO A6/ATOTO A6 Pro is designed to be compatible with most installation dash kit brands for example (Metra/Scosche/PAC dash kit). You don’t need any trimming/cutting job as it will fit perfectly well with any dash kit.

A6G2A7KL car stereo adapts the UDH07D mounting style (Universal Double-DIN Head-unit with 7-inch Display). With the universal double-DIN size of 192 mm x 97 mm, it is compatible with almost all dash kits with the double-DIN opening, no trimming/cutting job is needed! Besides, you can get continued firmware updates when available to reduce bugs and get new features. Users can find the availability of firmware update notifications from the ATOTO online support system (AOCSS).

ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL Android Car Stereo

ATOTO A6 Review USB Connections


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Product Specification

  • Brand: ATOTO
  • OS Android
  • Color: A6 KarLink 1G+32G-KL
  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Screen Size: 7 Inches
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB
  • Scanner Resolution: 1024 x 600
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Wireless communication technologies: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB Tethering, AM/FM
  • GPS: GPS Enabled
  • Display resolution 1024×600
  • Other display features: GPS or Navigation System




  • Fast booting time, within 2 second
  • Uses gesture controls like smartphones
  • Bold screen; it is easy on the eyes you can read emails and PDFs with ease
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple software

  • Does not have steering wheel controls
  • Support takes 24-48 hours to respond


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How good is the ATOTO A6?

The ATOTO series is one of the best car stereos you can buy at the moment. And the ATOTO A6 has been in the eye of many car owners as the go-to car stereo to use. Used by thousands of people and they all love the features; this makes it a really good car stereo to go for.

Does ATOTO A6 have CarPlay?

Yes, this car stereo is perfect for running iPhone CarPlay & Android Auto. Also, with the EasyConnect app, you can run more applications that are not compatible.

Which Android head unit is best?

Right now, the best Android head unit is the ATOTO A6. One thing that makes it outstanding is the fact that it runs on Android 6.0 which not many other competitors do and it is also packed full of features and yet it’s super affordable.

Does this car stereo come with gesture control?

The ATOTO A6 comes with 5-touch gesture control if you opt for the Pro option.

Are these ATOTO A6 head Units Android Auto friendly?

All ATOTO A6 head units are very compatible with and work great with Android Auto. Their only drawback is that you can’t use Google Assistant.

Who makes ATOTO?

The company ATOTO previously known as Aotule Car Electronics is responsible for making ATOTO A6. The founder Mr. Jay Yang started the company in 2008 with 10 years of experience. The company is located in China Dongguan.

What is the camera input that the ATOTO A6 Pro car stereo has?

With this car stereo, you have 2 camera inputs to choose from. The dash camera and a rear camera.

Can I listen to Android Radio?

Most Android head units give you the ability to listen to Android Radio. Plus, there are various apps to choose from if you want to listen to Android Radio.  You also get GPS navigation included in the feature. Android head unit comes with a GPS antenna and a built-in GPS.

What’s the difference between the ATOTO A6 Pro and the ATOTO A6 Standard version?

One feature missing in the A6 standard and present in the A6 Pro is the Phone Quick Charge. The ATOTO A6 Pro also features a stronger inside preamplifier.  However, both have backup camera input

Can I install Spotify and Waze on the device?

Yes, in fact, most of the latest devices come with Spotify pre-installed.

This means you can use Spotify with this car stereo and download your music playlists.

Does this unit come with OBD connectivity?

The ATOTO A6 is capable of connecting to most Bluetooth OBD2 devices. Unlike most Android car stereos that may only support very basic Bluetooth. There is also an OBD app named Torque inside the A6, users can also use this third-party Bluetooth OBD app instead.

Do all ATOTO A6 series have a backup camera, backup camera input, and video inputs?

Yes, all the ATOTO A6 series have backup cameras, backup camera input, and video inputs.

Does ATOTO A6 car stereo support google maps and GPS navigation system?

The ATOTO A6 pro supports google maps and it has a great GPS navigation system as well.



If you are a car owner or you always driving on the road, the ATOTO A6 series is surely a must-have, especially for all those who love smart tech and fancy devices.  This is because there are amazing features and aspects found in this car stereo that are hard to find in most other car navigation stereos.

Most importantly the price it is sold for makes it very budget-friendly and affordable. So, if you are considering buying a new car stereo or looking to get an upgrade with added features, then you should consider the ATOTO series, especially the ATOTO A6 or ATOTO A6 Pro.


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