Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun – Top 7 Models in 2022


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If you are in quest of the best car cover for extreme sun, then you are most welcome to read this post, because I have detailed this blog post to provide you with all your search results. 

After investing a huge amount of money in buying a new car or fixing and respraying your old classic car – you wouldn’t want to expose it to any extremely harsh weather to damage it any time soon. Hence the need for quality car cover to help protect them against extreme sun.

Car covers have proven to be the most accessible and affordable way of shielding your vehicle from extremely harsh weather conditions like harmful UV rays, paint-polluting debris, and other natural damages.

Even if you have a parking garage in your home – that won’t be helpful if you are away from home. Besides, most people now use their garages for storage, a gym, or even a workshop, instead of a car park. This is why you need the best car cover for extreme sun. 

When your car is exposed to extreme sun, it leads to the destruction of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This may affect both the car’s aesthetic and safety features – Creating damages such as:

Peeling of the vehicle’s paint, cracking of dashboard and steering wheel, detaching of upholstery due to melting glue, discoloration & fading of exterior paintwork, carpets, and dashboard, and lots more. 

This is why you need a quality car cover to help protect and extend your vehicle’s life span – to prevent fading when exposed to extreme sun and keep the vehicle safe from dust, dirt, tree sap, and bird poo from touching the vehicle directly.

Besides, when you cover up your car, you can reduce the car wash periods and save more from detailing and paint correction. Below is the list of the top-rated 7 best car covers for extreme sun conditions 

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Before we Dive in, Here is our Top Recommendations

For those looking to just get the best on the list, here are our recommended best car covers for extreme sun in 2022.


1. Platinum Shield Car Cover 


Best car cover for extreme sun - Platinum Shield Car Cover 

This is one of the best car covers for extreme sun for those looking for car covers for harsh weather conditions. This will be very beneficial, especially for those living in an area with extreme weather conditions such as intense sun, harsh weather, etc.  

The platinum shield car cover is a quality product from and provides your car with the best shielding solution. 

The outer layer of the platinum shield car cover is made of UV-reflective silver woven polyester material that comes with a urethane coating. This helps protect your car from any intense sun’s damaging rays.

The material of the car cover, always ensures your vehicle remains cool when covered while preventing internal issues caused by extreme sun temperatures or any other high weather conditions.   

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The Platinum Shield Car Cover is very great for shielding your vehicle from extreme sun, plus, the polyurethane coating feature helps shed water as soon as it hits the cover. It also features a gust strap that keeps the cover secure even when there is high wind, making this car cover model durable and suitable for use in any harsh weather all year round.   

This car cover weighs about 10lbs making it light enough during usage – meaning you can easily put on the cover on your car without the help of a second person. 

It features double-stitched seams that provide leak protection and fantastic durability and also do not come with separate side mirror pockets – making it an easy fit for any type of car you want to put it on. provides a lifetime warranty making the platinum shield car cover a risk-free purchase – so you don’t have to worry about damages to the car cover if you are concerned about early damage.

Other Features of the Platinum Shield Cover:

  • Perfect for hot and sunny climates.
  • Reduces heat-based damage.
  • Provides great protection against bird droppings.
  • Protects your vehicle’s sensitive clear coat finish from any damaging effects of acid rain.
  • Guards your vehicle from tree sap, dust, dirt, and other harmful pollutants.
  • Durable synthetic fabric naturally resists mold, rot, and mildew.
  • The elastic front and rear hem ensure a snug fit.
  • Reinforced grommets built into the cover on the left and right sides can be used to secure your cover from theft.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight: Approximately 10 lbs
  • Color: Reflective Silver
Best car cover for extreme sun - Platinum Shield Car Cover

Best car cover for extreme sun – Platinum Shield Car Cover 

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2. iCarCover 30-Layers Premium Car Cover


Best car cover for extreme sun - iCarCover 30-Layers Premium Car Cover

This iCarCover is a 30-Layers Premium Car Cover and comes with a waterproof shield. The all-weather weatherproof UV material is equipped for sun protection, snow, and dust storm-resistant, and also has a strap. 

This product is 100 percent Waterproof and Weatherproof – this means the iCarCover automobile covers help to provide your car with all-around protection during winter, and snow, and are hail-proof. The premium material also ensures that the doors and windows are all protected from frost

Whether your car is parked under the scorchy sun or any other harsh weather conditions, the chemical-free UV-blocking technology will help prevent car paint damage and fading while also keeping your vehicle cool.

It features a UV protector and heat reflective layer that prevents both interior and exterior damage. Plus, the use of non-abrasive light cotton makes your car auto-dustproof. 

With the use of a reveal heavy-duty strap to keep the cover in place, you can protect your automobile against wind and theft. 

This car cover is made with a thick microfiber layer and can be used to protect vehicles such as station wagons, coupes, sedans, transport universal vehicles, automatics, convertibles, sports cars, sports cabriolets, and hatchbacks.

Included in the purchase are an antenna patch, grommets, and a top-quality plastic zipper bag for compact storage. The size of the car cover ranges from 155” up to 235” making it a perfect fit for any vehicle. And has an amazing 7-year warranty. 

Best car cover for extreme sun - iCarCover 30-Layers Premium Car Cover

Best car cover for extreme sun – iCarCover 30-Layers Premium Car Cover

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3. Ultimate Shield Car Cover 


Best car cover for extreme sun - Ultimate Shield Car Cover 1

The Ultimate Shield Car Cover is another great product from It is made with a multi-layer fabric, and each layer plays a vital role in protecting your car from extreme weather conditions, including extreme sun. 

This car cover provides all-season indoor and outdoor protection for your vehicle, making it one of the best car cover for extreme sun. The multi-layer material used for producing this car cover makes it nearly impenetrable thereby providing your car with better protection that ensures your car’s surface finish and the interior remains in its perfect state. 

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The Ultimate Shield car cover also features a special multi-layer polypropylene – this is an oil-based material that is chemically treated to help prevent UV sun damage. And the soft fleece layer included helps keep the car’s paintwork in spotless condition, while the middle microporous film provides breathability for the cover to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside thereby causing rust damage.  

Best car cover for extreme sun - Ultimate Shield Car Cover

Best car cover for extreme sun – Ultimate Shield Car Cover

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4. Motor Trend SafeKeeper All Weather Car Cover 


Best car cover for extreme sun - Motor Trend SafeKeeper All Weather Car Cover

Motor Trend SafeKeeper is a great choice of car cover for all auto enthusiasts. The product offers a very high-quality premium design that is equipped to protect and enhance your car, truck, or SUV. 

If you are in search of the best car cover for extreme sun for your vehicle protection, you are very much welcome to make use of this car cover. 

With Motor Trend SafeKeeper, you can protect your vehicle, paint, and interior dashboards from UV rays, intense rain, heavy snow, dust, dirt, bird poo, tree droppings, etc. 

It is designed with a multilayer cover that has lots of features to give your car the best protection. 

Some of the features include the breathable woven polyester which prevents moisture from building up and causing rust to your car, it also provides heat and cold resistance. The inner layer is sealed with scratch-proof lining – meaning, you don’t have to worry about the cover leaving a mark. 

The exterior layer of the car cover features a 100% waterproof fabric that helps provide complete protection from rain, snow, bird/tree droppings. While the heavy-duty layers made from the most durable materials assures no dirt or dust will taint your paint. 

The Motor Trend SafeKeep truly provides an advanced complete protection formula for your car. 

Best car cover for extreme sun - Motor Trend SafeKeeper All Weather Car Cover

Best car cover for extreme sun – Motor Trend SafeKeeper All Weather Car Cover 

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5. Covercraft WeatherShield HD Cover 


Covercraft WeatherShield HD Cover 

Another lovely car cover for extreme sun conditions you can buy right now is the Covercraft WeatherShield® HD Cover. This product is specifically designed for people who keep their car outside for a very long time – an example will be the RV owners. 

The Covercraft WeatherShield HD Cover makes use of a heavy, 300-denier thread that provides maximum UV opacity, making it incredibly tough with excellent tensile strength.   

Since this product is made with heavier material, it is less portable. However, it is perfectly suitable for extended outdoor use, especially in areas that experience extreme weather conditions like sun, rain, and snow throughout the year. 

The cover features an encapsulation formula that reduces UV degradation of the fabric and improves water shedding at a remarkable rate. Plus, it also protects your car from moisture damage and allows you to quickly dry the cover in minutes.  

Covercraft WeatherShield HD Cover 

Best car cover for extreme sun -Covercraft WeatherShield HD Cover 

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6. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover


Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover

The Kayme 6 layers car cover is made of heavy-duty material that is 100% waterproof and is great for both sunproof, rainproof, and snowproof. 

No matter how harsh the weather is in your locality, whether it’s an extreme sun condition, snowfall, or extreme rainfall, the Kayme 6 Layers car cover will always protect your vehicle from any of the extreme weather conditions. 

It is equipped with highly reflective aluminum material that is perfect for any extreme sun condition. Plus, the anti-UV quality is great for keeping the car cool during hot sunny days. 

If you are worried about your car painting, don’t worry because the thick and soft cotton in this car cover will protect your vehicle painting. 

This indeed provides your car with complete protection — whether in hot sunny weather or cold weather the Kayme all-weather car covers can handle it all. Also, the robust material used helps keep your car safe from UV rays, sand, dust, leaves, branches, snow, rain, frost, birds dropping, and lots more. 

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Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover

Best car cover for extreme sun – Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover

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7. Covercraft Reflec’tect Custom Car Cover 


Covercraft Reflec’tect Custom Car Cover

If you want a custom-made car cover, then you can order the Covercraft custom cover from

This is the best car cover for extreme sun you can get to meet all your specification at the moment. 

The company will provide a great car cover that’s specifically made for your vehicle’s needs – they also infuse an elastic hem that guarantees a perfect, snug fit around the body of your car with the design. 

So, for those looking for the best car cover for extreme sun, and who are unsure of what they will get with their ready-made purchases, you can order one of the Covercraft Reflec’tect® car covers detailing your car’s model and specifications and also let the company know exactly what you want.    

This Covercraft Reflec’tect is an ultralight reflective cover specially designed by Covercraft – a company with 30 years of experience, you are sure to get the best car cover to keep both the exterior and interior of your car safe from the intense sun’s destructive UV rays.

The custom-made car cover usually comes with high-performance urethane-coated polyester which helps in keeping your car cool during the heat of the summer.  The product is also suitable for winter use. The product features materials that make it water, mildew, and rot-resistant and repels dust and dirt to help keep your vehicle clean. 

It is compact and easy to store in your trunk, so, whether you’re at home or going on a road trip, you can be sure that you can easily carry your car cover with you. 

Covercraft Reflec’tect Custom Car Cover

Best car cover for extreme sun – Covercraft Reflec’tect Custom Car Cover

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Protecting Your Car from Extreme Sun

I guess you are here because you searched for the best car cover for extreme sun because you want to protect your car. And now that you have gone through our list, I believe you found your choice. 

With that said, if you intend to keep your vehicle outdoors for an extended period of time, especially during those hot sunny periods, then you know there is a need for you to protect your car. 

This is why investing in a high-quality car cover is a wise decision for you. Especially those car covers that have unique features that are designed to resist any blistering soaring temperatures. When you get any from the ones listed here, you put your mind at ease because you know your car will be protected for years.   

Note: For optimal use of any car cover, always ensure to use the car cover only when your car is fully dry and clean. If your car is dirty and dusty, car covers may scratch or leave marks caused by the particles in the dirt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does a car cover keep your car cool?

Car covers help block harmful UV rays thereby reducing the amount of heat the car absorbs during hot weather. When you get a lighter-colored car cover, helps keep your car cool since it reflects the sun’s rays easily. You won’t experience any hot seats, scalding steering wheels, or excessively high internal temperatures.

Which color car cover is best?

When opting for a car cover, always consider silver-colored car covers because they perform a great deal in reflecting a significant portion of the sun’s energy back out into the atmosphere and help keep your interior cooler. 

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Final Note

Now that you have seen the list of our recommended car covers, if you are still unsure which car cover to pick, we have given you our top 3 recommendations above. You can still find them below. 

If you are on a low budget, then you can look through this list of car covers for under 50 dollars. 


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