How To Use A Rice Cooker – Easy Guide to Non-Sticky Rice Recipe


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How To Use A Rice Cooker to prepare the perfect rice – Easy Guide to Non-Sticky Rice Recipe. a complete step-by-step method. 

If you always enjoy cooking rice and stew, or vegetables at home, but you hate the sticky mess and burned residue that can come with preparing it in a regular pan, you will find this article on how to use a rice cooker very useful. In this article, you will learn and know how to use a rice cooker effectively. Once you have learned how to use this device, you’ll find it is one of your most useful kitchen appliances especially when it comes to cooking rice.

Rice cookers are special devices made and designed to cook rice with less amount of stress and effort on your part. This small handy kitchen appliance can make your life much easier and your food tastier. Get the Aroma Professional rice cooker from Amazon

How To Use A Rice Cooker to prepare the perfect rice - Easy Guide to Non-Sticky Rice Recipe. a complete step-by-step method. 

How the Rice Cooker Works

The Rice cooker works by making the liquid in the rice recipe boil very fast. Because the rice cooker wall is sealed, it reduces the air pressure over the liquid so it boils much faster. There is a temperature sensor on the machine which helps to monitor the heat inside the cooker. when the temperature starts to rise above 212 F which is the boiling point of water, that means the rice has absorbed all the liquid. The cooker will automatically switch itself to a warm setting. The process takes about 20 minutes or less.

It is important to read the instructions that come with your rice cooker and follow them to the end. The instructions are developed by the company for your rice cooker. Doing so will ensure you get good results at all times.

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Types of Rice

There are different types of rice; different textures of rice produce different outcomes or results when they are prepared in the rice cooker. Short-grain rice like Arborio rice which is used for risotto and sticky rice, Asian cuisine has a lot of starch (called amylopectin). This starch is highly branched and tends to stick together so that rice will always be stickier and less fluffy than other varieties.

Long-grain rice should be fluffy and not stick together because it has more amylose, a starch molecule that is long and straight. The molecule doesn’t get tangled up with other molecules when the rice cooks. Medium-grain rice should be fluffy but with a slightly stickier texture since it has roughly equal amounts of amylose and amylopectin. 

Based on the finished texture of the rice you want, choose the rice for your eating preference. When you are following the rice cooker instructions, make sure to prepare the rice as dictated by your specific variety. You also need to measure the rice correctly, most rice cookers come with their own measuring cups.


Cook Rice With Rice Cookers With These Six Easy Steps.

All rice cookers come with manufacturer-supplied instructions. These instructional manuals give you directions on how to use the rice cookers in the easiest way to operate your particular unit. Though generally speaking, rice cookers function or work the same way. Their basic instructions are similar.

Steps To Cook :

With the following steps, your rice will be ready in no time:

  1. Put your rice into the rice cooker. Read the instructions on the rice package, and measure your rice according to the instructions. Make Use of a regular measuring cup for this step, some rice cookers sometimes come with their own non-standard measuring devices. Consider rinsing or washing the rice if you are not sure if it’s clean.
  2. Add an amount of water specified on the package of the rice. Rice cookers have a line on the wall to help you measure rightly so that you don’t overfill it. Be careful not to fill up the cooker beyond the overfill line.
  3. You can add seasonings or salt to your rice. You may want to put a bit of olive oil or butter to give the rice a tastier, richer flavor, and you can also make it fun by adding dried herbs to complement the rest of your meal.
  4. Put the rice cooker pot into the cooker unit, and cover the pot with its lid. Most ricr cookers come with a tight-fitted lid, but if yours comes with a loose lid, consider adding a layer of aluminum foil when cooking.
  5. Plug in the cooker to the socket and push the start button to start cooking your rice. If your cooker comes with a timer, you may choose to have the rice cook at a later point in the day. Some high-end units include a warmer, which helps the rice to stay warm even after it is done cooking. While the rice is cooking, refrain from always wanting to open the lid to check on it.
  6. When the rice is done cooking, the rice cooker will make a beep or make a clicking sound. It’s a good idea to let the rice sit in the pot for at least fifteen 
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Rice Cookers Cooking Ratios and Time

Type Of Rice Cups of Rice Quantity Of Water Cooking Time
White Rice 1 cup 1.5 cups 10 minutes
Brown Rice 1 cup 2 cups 20 minutes
Wild Rice 1 cup 2 cups 20 minutes


To figure out exactly how much time you need, simply multiply the cups you need to cook by the time. For example, if you are cooking three cups of white rice, it will take you roughly 30 minutes.


Can Rice Cookers Only Cook Rice?

It may be called a rice cooker, but it doesn’t mean that it can only be used to cook rice. A Rice cooker can actually be used to make all sorts of things like one-pot meals, soups, porridge, steamed vegetables and so much more.


Helpful Tips

As you make use of your rice cooker, you need to consider the following tips:

  • When your rice is almost ready, you may want to add some vegetables. To do this, be sure the veggies are clean and cut into tiny pieces. Open the lid very carefully, and always watch out for hot steams. Put the veggies on top of the rice, and then close the lid.
  • Fluff the rice before serving. You can do this in the cooker, but it’s best to do it in the serving dish. Use a fork to give the rice the maximum amount of lift. If you got a non-sticky cooker, be sure to avoid metal utensils that can scratch the walls. Lots of rice cookers come with a flat paddle that is excellent for this task.
  • Once you’re sure that you know how to use a rice cooker, consider using the device to cook fish or thin strips of meat. This may take some experimentation, and it’s essential that all meat be properly cooked before you eat it.
  • If you live at a high altitude, consult your rice cooker manual for special instructions. You may need to vary the amount of rice and water, as well as the cooking time for the cycle.
  • Consider substituting water for chicken broth in your rice recipe. Broth adds more flavor to your rice, and it’s a great way to add variety to the dish.
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Rice Cookers Price Range.

The Rice cookers device ranges in price from under $15 to over $600. The price differs, depending on the size of the cooker, the brand name, and the features included with the unit. You can get high-quality rice cookers from Amazon

You can find simple models designed to cook just enough rice for one person or select a model with a warming feature, nonstick pot, timer, and other useful gadgets. Most appliance brands, like Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach, have some of the best rice cookers out there on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make fluffy rice in a rice cooker?

To make fluffy rice, try to adjust the recipe while cooking your rice,  for example, you can use 2 cups of water to cook 2 cups of rice, and so on. When you do this, you should have fluffy rice, although it may still have slightly sticky grains of rice when cooked, this method works well especially if you make up to 3 cups in your rice cooker. With this, you will have perfectly fluffy rice every time.

Why is my rice sticking to the rice cooker?

The major reason why you have rice sticking to the bottom of a pot or your rice cooker is mostly due to scratching or wearing off the non-stick coating and not using enough water. Adding just the right amount of water plus proper lubrication will solve the problem.

How long should you cook rice in a rice cooker?

Ideally, when cooking a large quantity of rice in a rice cooker you will need between 25 and 35 minutes for the rice to cook properly. however, different types of rice require different quantities of water as well as cook times. luckily for you, most rice cookers come with a built-in timer that allows them to gauge when the rice is finished cooking and turns off automatically.



A Rice cooker is one kitchen utensil that makes a lot of difference in your kitchen. Once you get a rice cooker, you can never regret it. Hope this article on how to use a rice cooker has been very helpful to you. Let us know in the comment session, thanks


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