How to Whiten Socks: These Hacks Will Make Your Socks Look Brand New


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If you are looking for how to whiten socks and make them sparkling again, so you can rock them with confidence as usual, I have shared the best hacks that will give you the perfect solution. 

Do you remember the day you bought your pair of socks? Especially the white one, how nice, sparkling, and shining it looked. And how you wore them with confidence. Now those fresh-looking white socks seem to have disappeared over time, and you probably decided to dump them somewhere in your sock drawer. 

Since they don’t look white and sparkling anymore, you just look at them and ignore their existence, but somehow you wish you know precisely how to whiten socks, so you can make them white again. 

It is true, white and dirt don’t have anything in common. Although it is possible to keep your white clothes away from the earth, it is never the case for white socks. White socks are easily prone to dirt that causes them to lose their original color over time, — the only solution is knowing how to whiten socks if they ever go from white to gray. 

In this short post, I will show you how to whiten socks quickly with the help of a few common household items, like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.

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How to Whiten Socks With Baking Soda

With baking soda, you can get your sock to be sparkling white as when you bought it. 

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Baking soda is a great weapon that you can easily use to wash your faded white socks and turn them to snow-white with just a single wash. 

So, how do you use baking soda to whiten socks? Here is how. 

  • First, fill your tub with warm water.
  • Add the baking soda to the warm water and stir to mix properly.
  • Soak the dirty socks in the baking soda and allow for a few hours 
  • Wring them out of the baking soda before putting them in your laundry. 
  • At the laundry, add a cup of baking soda to your normal detergent during the wash
  • Baking soda will always harden the fabric, it is a good practice to add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse to keep your socks soft.

There you have it, you just learned how to whiten socks with baking soda.


Whitening Socks With Lemon Juice

You can also use lemon juice to make your socks as white as snow.  This acid found in lemons is antibacterial, and antiseptic and acts as a natural bleaching substance. When you use just a little drop of lemon juice mixed with a bowl of water and soak your gray or any colored socks inside, you will see the magic that will happen after a few hours. That’s how powerful lemon juice is. 

How to Whiten Socks With Lemon Juice

  • Pour some water inside a tub or sink
  • Add freshly squeezed lemon juice inside the tub or sink
  • Stir both substances to mix properly
  • Dip your socks inside the mixture and allow for a few hours, 3 hours minimum
  • If there are spots left after the soak, rub the affected spots with the lemon juice and detergent
  • Throw the socks into the laundry machine for a proper wash. You could also wash manually, to concentrate on the spots left. 


Whitening Socks With White Vinegar

Just like lemon juice, vinegar is another strong substance that has its own acidic properties known as acetic acid. This acetic acid is a very strong substance that can easily break down stubborn stains on any fabric. In this case, we will be using white vinegar. 

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How to Whiten Socks With White Vinegar

  • For one pair of socks, add one teaspoon of white vinegar in a liter of boiled water and mix properly. 
  • Throw your dirty socks inside and soak them overnight. 
  • Your socks should be ready for normal wash by morning. Simply wash to get rid of the vinegar smell.

You should have sparkling white socks. 


Whitening Socks With Hydrogen Peroxide And Ammonia

With hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution, you can make your socks white again. The answer has been proven to be a good socks whitener. To get hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, simply visit the nearest chemical shop around your location. Buy the product and use it to make your homemade socks whitening solution. 


How to Whiten Socks with Hydrogen Peroxide And Ammonia

  • Add both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to a gallon of warm water
  • Both ingredients should be used in 1/3rd quantity
  • Soak your socks for about an hour.
  • Wash your socks properly in the laundry
  • Ensure you hand the socks outside to get rid of the ammonia smell 


How To Whiten Socks With Laundry Soap

If you just want to stick to your laundry soap, you will still use it to make your socks white. But you will need to apply some little tricks, which I will share briefly. 

Your laundry soaps alone may not give you the perfect result you wanted.

So, here is the trick: 

  • Firstly, soak your socks in warm water
  • Add some squeeze of lemon juice and apply your laundry soap to the socks
  • Then put them in a plastic bag, tie them properly, and leave them overnight.
  • Simply take them out of the bag the following day and wash them properly. 
  • Now you have spotless white socks. 


Using Bleach And Detergent To Whiten Socks

Of course, we can’t conclude this post without mentioning bleach. This has been the most common for people when it comes to whitening socks or any other fabrics. For you to make use of bleach to whiten socks, here are the tricks you need.

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  • You need to carry out a pre-wash after this,
  • Fill your tub or sink with boiled water
  • Add your bleach to the water. Ensure to add the required quantity
  • Add a few drops of your dish soap or any good liquid soap. 
  • Soak for about 30 minutes or longer for really dingy socks.
  • Wash as normal after the soak


How To Whiten Socks With Boiling Water

Can you really make your socks white with boiling water? If you asked this question, the answer is yes. It is another great method of making your socks white again. In this method, all you need to do is to boil your socks, and here are tricks to do that.  

  • Pour some water inside your boiling pan
  • Add half a cup of lemon juice and some laundry detergent
  • Then add your socks to it. 
  • Allow the mixture to boil for about 20 minutes
  • Then take your socks out and give them a proper wash. 

NB: You shouldn’t apply this technique to wool socks. Since they require a gentler soak with lukewarm water.

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There you have it. Now you know how to whiten socks. By using these seven clever hacks, you will always keep your socks spotless and shining as new 

Always remember, no socks last forever. So, it is a good practice to replace old worn-out socks rather than trying to make them white. Since the strength of their fabrics is longer than 100 percent. Especially when you’ve exhausted all these hacks and still end up with a minimal result. Then it is time to replace the socks in your sock drawer with a fresh batch of new socks.

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A little tip for you on how to care for your socks, so they stay whiter for longer:

  • Always wash your white socks regularly and don’t wear them too often. 
  • Pay close attention to the material used, so you know exactly the type of cleaning method to apply. 
  • During the wash, don’t rub your socks too hard, so you don’t damage the shape or worst case make them loose.
  • Do not wash your white socks together with other colored socks or cloths
  • Always soak your socks before washing them to effectively remove stubborn dirt.


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