Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – 7 Best Wireless Dog Fences


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PetSafe wireless fence review; these pet containment systems for dogs are indeed a revolutionary concept that provides the best safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. All dog lovers will definitely welcome this innovative idea.

Gone are those days when people treated dogs as good-for-nothing animals. People now love and value their dogs, and some pets loving parents show great care and protection towards their dogs making sure that no harm comes to the pet while also providing the best for the pet.

With that being said, it is safe to say that the safety of these pets comes as a priority for you as the owner, and as such, the PetSafe wireless fence would be a huge asset for you. The PetSafe wireless fence ensures that your pets play freely within a guided area thereby relieving you of too many worries.

But how do you make the right choice when buying a wireless dog fence? That’s why we are here.

In this PetSafe wireless fence review, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and educated buying decision on the product that’s right for your needs.

This PetSafe wireless fence review is a comprehensive and detailed guide containing the 7 best wireless dog fences, their pros, and cons as well as frequently asked questions plus some training tips. Simply go through each of them and make your choice.

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Content Overview: Petsafe Wireless Fence Review


Our Top Choice of Best Wireless Dog Fence: Petsafe Wireless Fence Review

The table below shows a list of the top 7 choices that have been tested and proven to be of great quality. See the list below and make your choice.

No Product Overview Image Price

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

  • 1/2 Acre of circular coverage
  • No wire to bury
  • Simple set-up
  • Waterproof collar
  • Long battery life
Personalize your dog’s collar settings:
  • Add more than 1 pet (unlimited)
   Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – 7 Best Wireless Dog Fences
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PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

  • For dogs 5 pounds and above
  • Coverage up to 105 feet
  • No wires to bury
Adjustable levels of correction
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence
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Pet Control HQ wireless combo pet-fence

  • Wireless remote & custom wired electric fence for any yard
  • Dual-zone pet containment system
  • Peace of mind + long battery life
  • Safe shock collar
11 -154 Pounds dogs (with 8 inches-27 inches neck size)
  • 30-Minutes of waterproof swimming to 3.3ft deep
  • 1-10 correction levels of vibration or shock
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Pet Control HQ Wireless reviews
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Earlyhights Underground Electric Outdoor Dog Containment Fence

  • 5 Acre Range 500 Ft in Ground Wire
  • Small, Medium, Or Large Dogs Over 5 lbs
  • Training Collar
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Earlyhights Underground Electric Outdoor Dog Containment Fence review
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Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

  • Pets weighing 8 pounds or more
  • Covers an adjustable circular area of up to a 1/2 acre (180-foot diameter)
  • Comes with an extra PIF-275-19 collar.
  • Fit neck sizes 6 to 28 inches
  • The waterproof receiver collar uses a 6 volts battery
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System reviews
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Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

  • Digital Transmitter w/ Power Supply
  • 5x Waterproof Collar Receivers
  • 2500′ of Heavy-duty boundary Wire (Thick Polyethylene Jacket)
  • 50′ of 16 Gauge Twisted Wire
  • 5x Sets of Short and Long Contact Probes (5/8″, 7/8″)
5x Sets of ConductiveRubber Comfort Covers
  • 5x 6v Collar Receiver Batteries
  • 250x Training Flags
  • 10 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 10 Landscape Staples
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation review
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SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System

  • Easy-to-install containment and training kit
  • 1/3 acres of land for one dog; can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags
  • Waterproof, rechargeable collar
  • Choose when you want it to work with each system (fence, trainer, or both)
  • Contain an unlimited number of dogs with additional collars
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System review
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How Wireless Dog Fences Boundaries Set Up

  • Fitting the Collar: Petsafe Wireless Fence Review

When fitting the collar, ensure the prongs are under the neck of your dog and should sit smoothly on his skin. You should check to see that there is good contact between the prongs and his skin. Also, do not make it tight, let it lose a bit so that it’s just comfortable on his neck region.

While training your dog to respect the areas, he’ll need to be on the lead, for this purpose, you should attach an additional collar to the e-collar. But make sure it is non-metallic so that it doesn’t interfere with the e-collar. Then attach another lead to the second collar.

After you have successfully attached the collars, it is now time for the training process proper. This training process usually involves about five simple stages. Once the stages are successfully carried out, your dog should be able to obey and respect the boundaries set. 

  • Stage One

In this stage, you will need to introduce him to where the boundaries are set. At this stage, the only thing that is required is the beep on the e-collar. On day one, you could take your dog out three times which may last 15- 20 minutes per session. During each session, you should show him where the boundary flags are and also introduce the tones from the collar to him. Let him be able to recognize the tones from the collar.

You can achieve this by keeping your dog on a tight lead while walking him/her toward the flags. once he gets a beep, you can gently pull him/her back to the play area. Give the dog some treats, and make a fuss of him.

Continue doing this for each flag. Always remember to keep the process fun and keep rewarding your dog for each successful process, this will improve the process and make it a lot faster.

  • Stage Two

After the successful completion of stage one, you can use the next 2 to 4 days to introduce the static correction to him. Always use a minimum of 15 minutes during each training session for effective results.

For the static correction, you can repeat the same steps as that of stage one, but this time you’ll do it using the static correction.

If for any reason, the dog does not respond to the static correction, then increase the setting a bit.

  • Stage Three

At this stage, you can start training your dog to recognize and stay within the play area without distractions. Play with the dog inside the boundary area, then make someone go outside those areas, try throwing a ball outside of the boundary and see the reaction from your dog.

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Each time he trays outside those boundaries, cajole him back and reward him with praise and treats. try repeating this process multiple times until he eventually understands that he needs to stop crossing the boundaries.

  • Stage Four

At this stage, he should be able to completely recognize the boundaries and stay within them even with distractions. Once he stops crossing those boundaries as expected, you can start playing with him off the leash.

This time, you should try staying with him at all times and introduce training sessions that are much longer than 20 minutes.

  • Stage Five

Stage 5 and the finale stage should be a stage where you should be free to let your dog roam without many worries, however, you need to keep an eye on him to see how well he is doing. Once you are completely sure that he has learned the boundaries, you can now remove the other flags leaving only the wireless flags.

Now that you understand how to make your dog respect his new boundaries, let’s look at the types of wireless dog fences that may be suitable for your dog

Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Wireless vs Underground.

At this point we will cover two major areas, first is the wireless dog fence device and its potential and the next will be the alternative underground wired dog fences.

One major benefit of the wireless dog fence is its simplicity and its setup mode. These wireless fences are very great and may come in handy, especially for those who are looking for dog fences to set up within a small yard. With the wireless dog fence, you only need a transmitter that sends a warning signal to your dog collar each time he goes beyond the boundaries from the central point. This device can make a huge difference in smaller, residential settings.

On the other hand, there are underground alternatives. This may be for those who have larger areas and want to provide more playgrounds for their dogs. These underground alternatives have wires running through the ground in any configuration that you have chosen. The wired dog fences usually overs a wider range than the best wireless dog fence models and are suitable for people who want to provide more room for their pets.

Cases where wireless dog fences may not work for your home.

Even though the PetSafe wireless fence is a great device for your dog, there will be some times when it may not work simply because of the configuration of the land or other factors that are within the boundaries.

Remember an ideal setting for a PetSafe wireless dog fence requires you to have a flat area of ground with no elements especially iron that may interfere with the signal. You will also provide a clean area where the device can transmit to the desired boundary and the dog collar seamlessly without interference. This is because distortion or interference of transmission may alter the shape of the boundary and may confuse the dog.

Below are the following issues to consider:

  • Grounds that are not leveled or equal.
  • Metal objects mat come between the transmitter and boundary area to deflect the signal.
  • Metal objects are found within 5-10 feet of the transmitter.
  • Having driveways or cars coming within the perimeter may disrupt the signal.
  • Not being able to place the device far away from metal roofs may also interfere with the EMF signal.

If these issues are associated with your living area, and you are having difficulty figuring out how to adjust these things so you can use the PestSafe wireless fence for your dog, then, this wireless dog fence containment system may not be suitable for you. We suggest you opt for the underground dog fence which is able to cater to all the above-mentioned issues

PetSafe Wireless Fence Review: Top 3

In this section, we are going to concentrate on the PetSafe Wireless Fence Review – we’ll briefly talk about the 3 major PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews before running through the rest of the wireless dog fence. In this PetSafe Wireless Fence Review, we talked about the 3 major Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment Systems. They are listed below


1 PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

The PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System is one of the best and most reliable models that may meet all your requirements if you are looking for the best dog wireless fence with all the top features for wireless dog fences. This PetSafe Wireless Fence creates a strong perimeter for your dog, with great room to play inside, what’s more, it also comes with a good collar.

This device has no in-ground installation and is super simple to set up with withing (1 – 2 hours). It also covers a fairly large perimeter giving your dog more playroom. The Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System comes with 50 boundary flags that cover up to 90 feet in radius. It is seen as a great portable option for all types of dogs.

Features of this device:

1/2 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE WITH 50 BOUNDARY FLAGS: This PetSafe wireless fence has an adjustable circular range that can cover up to 1/2 acres from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter

NO IN-GROUND WIRE TO BURY: It is a wireless dog fence so it has no underground wires. The wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets saving you the time or hassle of burying wires

STATIC-FREE REENTRY: with the static-free re-entry, the wireless fence will allow your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary

SIMPLE SET-UP: You can set up this device in just 1 or 2 hours; This portable system is very great for camping and vacation homes

LONG BATTERY LIFE: The collar battery can last up to 2 months before the low battery indicator alerts you to replace the battery; Uses the PetSafe RFA-67D-11 battery

WATERPROOF COLLAR: The collar is waterproof and can comfortably fit dogs of 8 pounds and more. You can adjust it to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches; Compatible with all PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitters

PERSONALIZED DOG COLLAR SETTINGS: Teach your dog to stay within a secure play area with a personalized sound-only training mode plus 5 levels of static on his receiver collar

ACCOMMODATE MORE THAN 1 PET: Unlimited number of collars can be added to the fence system and set to match your pets’ personalities


Pros: Here are the benefits of this device

  • Gives you the choice of static or tone correction.
  • Has 5 levels of static correction
  • Has an Adjustable waterproof collar from 6-28 inches.
  • Can add an unlimited number of pets to one system.
  • Come with a Test light and battery indicator.
  • Wireless System, no digging required
  • Ease of Installation
  • Has Wide Coverage Area
  • Training guide.
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Great for Stubborn Pets

Cons: Disadvantages of this device

  • Works best for medium-sized to big Dogs, not great for smaller pets
  • Unpredictable Boundary Markings due to interferences
  • Inconsistent Correction Zones
  • Sharp Collar Levels
Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – 7 Best Wireless Dog Fences Check Current Price



2 PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence. 

This is another great wireless dog fence device from the PetSafe company. This PetSafe model is similar to the one mentioned above because they are from the same company and has similar features. The major difference is in its sense of portability. This is a smaller, portable device that can be used for dogs 5 pounds and above. Recall the previous one is used for dogs 8 pounds and above. Just the PetSafe Wireless fence mentioned earlier, this one is also easy to set up with minimal installation issues.

Features of the Model:

Used for dogs 5 pounds and above

50 marker flags

Wireless coverage area up to 105 feet

Includes operating and training guide

It’s Wireless, with no wires to bury

Has 2 long contact points

Comes with a test light

Has great adjustable levels of correction

Contact point wrench

Wireless transmitter with power adapter

Receiver collar with rechargeable battery


This PetSafe Wireless fence model shares many positive similarities and features with the previous one we talked about. like the indicators, guides, and markers.

  • One major difference is that this is more portable as it is much smaller also.
  • It has a smaller transmitter that’s easier to carry around.
  • A lighter collar that can be used on smaller dogs and even cats. The transmitter covers about 44 to 210-foot diameter and 22 to 105-foot radius, which is bigger than the one mentioned above.
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  • Unpredictable Boundary Markings due to interferences
  • Inconsistent Correction Zones
  • Can easily be disturbed by interference.
Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence Check Current Price



3 Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

This Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System is meant for large areas. This is another great wireless fence from PetSafe. The PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence produces a constant radio signal that is always used to create what is called a stay zone for pets.

This stay zone ranges between 10 to 180 ft in diameter. This is a lot of room for your pets to play around and have a great time. Each time your dog strays outside the stay zone boundaries, a signal will be sent to the dog’s collar, after the signal, then the correction.

The correction s to alert your dogs that they have gone beyond boundaries and are meant to come back. The Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System comes with a waterproof collar that has 5 adjustable settings which allow you to customize and set how much reinforcement your pet receives.

For your dog’s safety, an automatic safety shut-off is being provided with this device. This shut-off mode allows correction mode to automatically stop after 30 seconds. It corrects your dog for 30 seconds and resets itself when your dog re-enters his “safe” zone.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – 7 Best Wireless Dog Fences

Features of this Device Includes:

Comes with about 75 white training/boundary flags.

Controller and waterproof collar.

Has Wireless transmitter with power adapter

A Receiver collar with an RFA-67D battery

2 Long contact points for dogs that have long hair and

2 Short contact points for short-haired dogs

Test light tool

Set up and Operating guide.

2 rechargeable batteries with charger.

AC adaptor with power cord.

Screws/wall anchors and a removable wall mount strip.


  • Has one of the widest coverage areas – up to 180 ft in diameter
  • It has 75 boundary flags instead of 50 flags.
  • This also has the waterproof collar
  • Provides you with different probes for long and short-haired dogs
  • The two rechargeable batteries it comes with should keep it running for a longer period of time.


Even though this has a better coverage area and also has better features, the installation process of this is a bit more difficult than the previous one. You may run into issues when you try installing it in narrow or roadside properties if you don’t have the addition of in-ground wires.

  • Installation is more difficult with this model.
  • It is not as portable as the previously mentioned PetSafe wireless systems.
  • It is also more expensive.
Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System reviews Check Current Price


These are our top three picks for the PetSafe Wireless Fence Review. With the three above you can make a better buying decision. However, let’s look at the other 4 amazing wireless dog fences should you decide to opt for any of them.

Top 4 Wireless Dog Fence Reviews:

The PetSafe Wireless Fence Review was carried out to help those who are looking to buy one of the products from PetSafe, however, if you are not a fan of PetSafe and want to go for some other product, we have handpicked the top four for you. These four products are of good quality and have amazing reviews from customers who are using them.

1 SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System

This is another great dog fence containment system that comes with a lovely-looking transmitter. The transmitter has a digital display showcasing the radius, intensity, and other basic controls for the power and settings. The SportDog Brand Contain plus Train System also has a receiver that clips to the adjustable collar, a charger, and a series of contact points.

This particular wireless dog fence has a maximum coverage area of about 2.5 acres with an adjustable diameter that ranges from 40 feet all the way to 375 feet.

It can be used for 2 dogs that weigh more than 20 pounds that are more than 6 months old. The collar of this device is waterproof and its size is designed for much larger dogs.

Sportdog Tech is one of the companies to use a removable and rechargeable battery that is easy to change. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery can last for 1 – 3 days once it’s fully charged. Although this depends on how much the dog challenges the boundaries.

Features of the SportDOG Fence:

Its length range between 20 and 500 meters

Has about100 levels of static to choose from

Comes with adjustable, “waterproof” collars

Different contact points for different coats.

The rechargeable collar features a lithium-ion battery that’s quick to charge and has 1 – 2 month battery life.

The collar is waterproof and submersible up to 25 ft.

Easy-to-install containment kit including everything needed to cover 1/3 acres of land for one dog.

It can be expanded to cover up to 100 acres with more wire and flags.

Built-in lightning protection.

The Collar gives a beep tone and vibration warning before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels. (you can choose the best level for your dog).


  • This product can be expanded to cover up to 100 acres with the help of in-ground wires and flags which give more room for your pets to play.
  • The rechargeable battery that comes with the product can easily be replaced when it is bad.
  • The Ability to secure your pet(s) within a given boundary, and remotely train both inside the boundary when you are at home, and outside the boundary while in the field
  • There is also a wire-break Transmitter alarm that alerts you when there is a possible problem with the Boundary Wire
  • The Anti-Linger Feature prevents your dogs from running down the Collar Receiver battery in the containment warning zone
  • They also have excellent customer service that is readily available to meet your demands


  • Even though this wireless dog fence containment system has some unique features like the boundary challenge system that gives you a signal warning when your dog is straying. It may have one of the highest boundary wobbles reaching all the way to 8.8 feet.
  • It is a bit expensive when compared to other wireless dog fences.
  • The device is not suitable for smaller pets
  • It also may not work well if you are planning to use it in a smaller area.
Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System review Check Current Price



2 Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

This Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation Dog Containment System is a highly efficient and electric outdoor containment system that is perfect for your dogs. Although this kit comes with everything you need to get started. It is not all wireless because it includes an underground wire system. This will be a good fit for those who have a larger area and are looking for an in-ground wired dog fence.  This product like others also has a collar, a controller, flags, and lots more.

The eXtreme Dog Fence – Second Generation has two major models. The first is the standard grade and the latter is the pro grade. They both are good for wired dog fence containment systems; however, the pro-grade has more features and is more durable. One of the great features of the pro-grade kit over the standard kit is the quality and longevity of the wire that is included. It may interest you to know that the professional-grade kit is more expensive than the standard-grade kit.

What You Will Get with The Pro Kit

Digital Transmitter w/ Power Supply

5x Waterproof Collar Receivers

2500′ of Heavy-duty boundary Wire (Thick Polyethylene Jacket)

50′ of 16 Gauge Twisted Wire

5x Sets of Short and Long Contact Probes (5/8″, 7/8″)

5x Sets of Conductive Rubber Comfort Covers

5x 6v Collar Receiver Batteries

250x Training Flags

10 Waterproof Splice Kits

10 Landscape Staples

What You Will Get with The Standard Kit

Digital Transmitter w/ Power Supply

1x Waterproof Collar Receiver

500′ of 20 Gauge Boundary Wire

1x Set of Short and Long Contact Probes (5/8″, 7/8″)

1x Set of Conductive Rubber Comfort Covers

1x 6v Collar Receiver Battery

50x Training Flags

2 Waterproof Splice Kits


  • It offers invisible containment
  • The system is very easy to set up
  • Covers up to 10 acres of space when using the pro kit
  • The receiver on the collar is waterproof for both kits
  • It offers safe correction on multiple levels
  • The contact probes are built for comfort
  • The collar is adjustable and easy to use
  • It can be expanded to accommodate multiple dogs
  • Very long battery life on the battery-powered units
  • Long warranty of 5 years on each of their products



  • The collars run on proprietary non-rechargeable batteries
  • No external surge protector
  • No twisted wire dead zone
  Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation reviewCheck Price for Pro Kit Check Price for Standard Kit

3 Pet Control HQ wireless combo pet-fence

This dog shock collar with remote dog e-collar helps you easily train your dog without ever hurting them. The Pet Control HQ Wireless Fence can be used to train your dog easily at home or during an outdoor vacation. This wireless dog fence combines with the anti-bark dog training collar system to give you perfect off-the-leash training.

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You can easily use this added benefit to address issues such as barking, digging, and jumping over the fence. The dog collar comes with a rechargeable battery and is waterproof. The collar usually beeps once each time your dog goes close to the electric fence boundary.

Once the beep happens, the next thing is a static correction which is then automatically sent to the collar.

You can easily use the remote that comes with the device to have more control over where your dog should go and where it should not.

The Pet Control HQ Wireless Fence can be installed in any of your convenient places. Either above or below the ground and is also 100% customizable. The layout can be fully set up to perfectly suit your yard.

This Pet Control HQ Wireless Dog Fence is a perfect fit for those that have a garden bed or play area and other important zones that the dog needs to be kept away from.

The collar that comes with the Pet Control HQ Wireless Fence is designed to fit extra-large dogs, large dogs, medium dogs, and even small breeds.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Pet Control HQ Wireless reviews Check Current Price  

What you Will Get

1 Waterproof, Rechargeable Remote Control

1 wall-mounted transmitter (with all cabling)

1 USB Dual Splitter Charging Cable with power adaptor

492 ft of 20-gauge insulated Electric Proximity Fence wire

50 training flags – to show dogs where the boundary is

Rechargeable & waterproof adjustable dog collar receiver (choose 1 or 2)

Short & long metal contact points to match your dog’s fur

1 test light to check the fence

Tools and connectors

Training Guide


  • Customizable electronic dog fence so you can easily designate what areas are off-limits.
  • The training collar fits almost all sizes of dogs
  • This wireless dog fence system uses the latest technology
  • The collar has 3 levels of static correction
  • The remote collar has 10 levels of correction
  • Comes with a step-by-step training guide
  • Comes with 2 short metal contact points and 2 long metal contact points.
  • Has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lots of users have laid complained about the quality of the product. Sometimes, it may be the collar, receiver, or both that will suddenly stop working after only a few months.
  • The device may be abnormal sometimes, correcting your dog when it shouldn’t.
  • The collar strap material is not of the best quality.


4 Earlyhights Underground Electric Outdoor Dog Containment Fence

Earlyhights underground electric outdoor dog containment fence system is designed to contain multiple dogs within its area. It has about 500 feet of solid copper wire that can cover up to1/2 acre of land with a powerful transmitter that can go all the way up to 5 acres. This means, that to use the full potential of the wire, you will need to purchase additional wires.

Recently, the system was upgraded to feature a solid copper boundary wire, this wire provides better transmission performance and comes with better battery life for the rechargeable battery.

The introduction of the solid copper boundary wire to the latest editions has helped strengthen the signal making the entire system more reliable.

This wireless dog fence is a great containment system that provides you with great and effective ways to teach your pet how to behave.

If you have a stubborn dog that is hard to train and is the type that is constantly straying and trespassing in your neighbor’s yard, then you have nothing to worry about if you have this Earlyhights underground electric outdoor dog containment fence system with you. You should be able to quickly set boundaries and put those limits to tell your dog what areas are off-limits.

Although this device can handle an unlimited number of dogs, you will need to buy more collars if you are looking to train multiple dogs.

Key Features of this Device:

Added 955 feet of copper wire included

A rechargeable collar battery

Comes with 5 different correction levels

A quick start guides


  • The collar fits all sizes of dogs
  • 5 different correction settings, this can be customized for each dog.
  • It’s been upgraded to feature solid copper boundary wire. The boundary wire covers about 1.2 acres.
  • With the transmitter, you can easily expand the boundary to 5 acres with additional wires.
  • You can utilize an unlimited number of collars if you purchase more collars
  • This device is very affordable, maybe the cheapest on our list
  • Allows multiple zones to set up.


  • The wire looks very thin and may break easily.
  • The shock collar may also be very intense for some dogs.
  • We don’t have much confidence in this as the rating from Amazon buyers is 3.6, which is below our standard of at least 4.0
Check Current Price


Now that we have shared our top 7 best wireless dog fence systems and also carefully outlined the 3 best PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews, let’s now look out for the other criteria you will need before you make your final decision.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Dog Fence: Petsafe Wireless Fence Review

I believe by now; you must have gone through the 7 outlined wireless dog fence containment systems in the post. You must have also gone through their features, pros, and cons.

Other major things you should consider before making your final decision are reliability, durability, ease of setup, and convenience. In our opinion, it is better to opt for a device that is reliable with minimal installation issues and has a comfortable, adjustable collar that suits your dog. One major challenge with all the systems is interference issues, you shouldn’t allow that to bother you so much or put you off with the models mentioned here.

Benefits of These Wireless Dog Fence Containment Systems.

All the wireless dog fence systems mentioned above have great benefits that make them unique. They include:

  • Ease of use and less expensive than building a physical fence.
  • Durability: Can be taken with you to a new home.
  • Easy to install, you can install it yourself without needing a professional.
  • They are very portable: Some units can be used for camping or holiday homes.
  • They have adjustable ranges and settings
  • What’s more, they are also not very expensive and you can afford even the least of them.
  • Provide more freedom for your dog.
  • Are less worrisome. Your dog can’t escape the yard via digging or jumping over the fence.
  • Hassle-free. No more tangles or tie-out ropes.

You should understand that in-ground electric dog fences come with a lot of tedious processes. This process might be time-consuming and will require a lot of hard work, to lay the wire in the ground around the property. Another thing is that, the larger the boundary, the greater effort you’ll need to complete the task. Also, you may need lots of heavy-duty tools to complete the tasks and those tools don’t come that cheap.

This is why the wireless products are more budget-friendly, you can set them up within a few hours they can be operational in a couple of hours. You may spend more time setting up the flags and radius in the right place, however, this isn’t back-breaking labor.

The wireless devices are also easily movable, this means you can easily remove them and take them to a new location and your pets can get used to the new location in no time. You should also consider choosing an option that has plenty of settings on the collar for different correction modes and intensities.

Things You Should Know When Using a Wireless Dog Fence.

We know that training your dog to observe and respect boundaries may be difficult and time-consuming (especially when you have stubborn pets to deal with)

This is why we have outlined the following tips in this PetSafe Wireless Fence Review to help you with the transition process.

Tip 1 – Make Yourself Available During Each Session

You don’t just expect to put the transmitter collar on your dog and allow him to go into the playground to observe the boundaries himself, things won’t work this way.

You know that wireless fences are not some physical barrier, but an invisible one. Also, your dog experiencing some shock may cause him to be afraid of the whole thing leading to confusion or even panic. As a result of the shock, some dogs may try to run away from the static only to be corrected over and over again. Other dogs may even sit in fear of moving as they don’t understand what’s happening. This is why you need to make yourself available during each training process so that you can help your dog get used to the correction and the safe zones.

Tip 2 – Use a Dog Leash during Boundary Training Sessions

Your dog needs to observe the proper boundaries, learn them, and have good boundary behaviors and you are the one to make that happen. For you to train your dog properly, you need to walk him around the perimeter observing all flags as well. When he strays and goes beyond the boundary, gently pull him back. You can issue the “sit” and “stay” commands, and also praise and reward him for a job well done.

Tip 3 – Ensure Your Dog Wears the Correction Collar Before Activation

According to experts, it is recommended that you allow your dog to wear the transmitter collar for at least 3 days before you activate the wireless fence. This allows the pet to get used to the collar before it begins to transmit any correction. Doing this will allow your dog to accustomed to the static correction as well as to the boundaries of the yard, not just the collar itself.

Tip 4 – Try Reducing Collar Wearing Time

The static prongs inside the collar may cause skin irritation for your dog, as such, it is best to always try to limit the period of time that your dog is allowed to wear it. It is best to not leave the correction collar on for more than 12 straight hours. Try removing the collar at night before going to bed, also if you are going to be away from home for an extended time period don’t leave the collar on.

Tip 5 – Picking the Invisible Gate

To successfully say your dog can now respect all boundaries is when the dog is able to exit the fence using the invisible gate you have set up. To do this, you should pick a spot for your dog to safely exit the yard, and teach them how to observe the invisible gate. Below are some simple steps you can use

  • Choose a spot for your invisible gate point.
  • Deactivate all wireless systems.
  • Use the “sit” and “stay” commands at the invisible gate.
  • Go out through the exit point using the “come” command.
  • Use the same spot every time you want to exit the perimeter.

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FAQs: PetSafe Wireless Fences Review.

Getting a wireless fence for your dog is a big decision and investment. To help you make an informed decision, we also include some of the top FAQs in this PetSafe Wireless Fence Review. Here are some frequently asked questions about the best dog wireless fences out there.


Each of the wireless dog fence systems comes with its own static or tone controls. The reaction they get when they stray beyond boundaries is a light static current shock.  The correction level in all the systems is meant to get your dog’s attention, it does not invoke pain or injury.


This generally depends on the breed and size of your dog. However, experts suggest that 6 months is a safe and effective age to start wireless fence training. You should also ensure that you check your individual system’s weight requirements before you begin training your dog. All the devices mentioned provide this information.


The training flags are used as a guideline and a visual reminder to let the dog know the boundaries they should respect. Most products suggest that you leave the flags in place for a minimum of two weeks, however, you can keep them in place for up to 30 days or more for effective results.

Now that you have carefully read through our top picks for this wireless dog fence review, we would recommend that you choose any of the invisible fences mentioned above for your dog fence. However, we admit that our favorites are the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fences because they have lots of rooms and features to satisfy most urban as well as rural dog lovers.


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