50 Smart Home Automation Ideas in 2023 – Easy and Comfortable Living


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Smart home automation ideas have been an awesome addition in this era of technology — due to the fact that it simply helps us achieve more in a shorter period while providing security, comfort, and smarter ways of living.



Smart devices, gadgets, and the internet are packed full of smart home automation ideas – lots of people are hoping in at the moment to live a smart lifestyle. Once you are in, going back is a BIG NO because you will surely feel the huge satisfying difference and the benefits are boundless.


Amazingly, there are limitless possibilities with smart home automation which is why I have put up this guide on smart home automation ideas in 2023 to help you get the best


Bear in mind, this list will always be updated whenever I come across good home automation ideas. You can always check back to find something that will suit your home. I have put this list into different categories, hope you find it helpful.


A. Smart Home Automation Ideas – Security Automation

Smart security automation in homes – is the use of technology that performs security tasks with reduced human assistance in order to integrate security processes, applications, and infrastructure. Due to the increase in insecurity and crime nowadays, it’s very important for houses including offices to incorporate a security home automation system in their building. With the security home automation idea, you’ll be able to set up a complex security system that would stand out just like those found in highly secured organizations (e.g. financial institutes).

Here are some ideas for you

1. Smart Lock Security System:


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Smart Lock Security System

The smart lock security system brings a whole new level of security technology to your home. With smart lock technology, you now have full control over who can have access to your house and who should not. This is done by using an app, making the process very easy and remarkable.

With the smart lock, you can lock and unlock your doors remotely, without having to go to the door. And before you decide to unlock your door, you will have the choice to see who is at the door. This helps improve security and prevent intruding or unwanted persons.

Our Recommended Smart Lock Devices

Schlage Encode Yale Assure Lock ULTRALOQ Schlage BE365


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2. Smart Motion Sensors: 


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Smart Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is an electrical device that is capable of detecting a nearby motion by using infrared lights. These motion sensors are integrated in such a way that they automatically perform a task or alert a user about any motion in an area. They are able to pick up changes in ambient temperature or through microwaves and ultrasound. As such, they play an important role in today’s security, automated lighting control, home control, energy efficiency, and other useful systems.

When it comes to security, motion sensors have proven to be very excellent. When automated with smart devices like phones, security cameras, and lights, they are able to communicate with the device. You can use the motion sensor to automate your home providing a more efficient light system and alerting intruders.

Our Recommended Motion Sensors Devices

Ring Alarm Ecolink Eve Motion SmartThings



3. Sound Sensor Automation


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Sound Sensors

The sound sensor devices enable you to monitor sound levels within your home, office, or any environment you have installed the device.


With the sound sensor, you can set a custom volume level so the sound never goes beyond it. This is always helpful if you are living in an environment where your neighbors don’t like too much sound. Or you are expecting visitors.


When you add the smart home automation idea to your building; – a notification will always be sent to the app whenever the sound feels like it’s going out of control. This will help you know if any party is going on without you.


There are some sound sensor devices that even come with temperature sensors that allow you to make changes to your home whenever it senses any danger.

Our Recommended Sound Sensors Devices

SimpliSafe Ecolink MINUT



4. Home Automation with Smart Security Camera


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Smart Security Camera

A smart home security camera is a video recording device that captures footage of your home and property –  so that it’s viewable on your devices – like the phone, tablet, or PC. With the help of the internet, this footage can be viewed from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. Most smart home security cameras are motion-activated – they’ll record when they detect motion, as well as send you an alert

 These smart security cameras come in different sizes and shapes.


Some of the benefits of smart security cameras include:

The ability to view your home remotely from anywhere in the world.

The feature of motion detectors includes; start recording to the cloud when motion is detected, and sending you a push notification alerting you of any movements.


Unlike the bulky old CCTV cameras, smart cameras provide you with an easy-to-install mode and a security system that can be controlled at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world. 

Our Recommended Smart Security Cameras

Arlo Pro Wyze Blink Wyze Outdoor CANARY


5. Light Bulb Security Camera


Smart Home Automation Ideas - WiFi Light Bulb Camera

The security camera has taken a new dimension. There are some that provide a panoramic and 360-degree view. An example is the one found in the Light bulb security camera.

The light bulb security cameras provide you with a very discreet security measure as it is difficult to spot.


With the app, you can live stream footage from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. It also sends you notifications if any unexpected movements are detected.


One amazing feature of the light bulb security camera is the ability to use them as a doorbell device. And the two-way speakers and motion sensor notifications.

Our Recommended Light Bulb Security Cameras



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6. Smart Doorbell Automation System


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Smart Doorbell Automation System

The smart doorbells work just like surveillance cameras, the only difference is that they have a button that visitors can press to get their attention. If the smart doorbell is active, you will receive a guest notification on your device in any location you are at the moment.

Whether you are home or away as long as you have it connected to your smartphone or another device you should be able to receive the notification. This smart home automation idea makes it easy for you to attend to visitors.


People literally hate the idea of answering the door only to find out that It’s a salesperson knocking. With this smart doorbell, you won’t even have to get up from your couch.


The smart doorbell will allow you to see who’s at the door and decide whether to answer them or not. It makes use of a Wi-Fi connection and other smart devices to help you integrate the IFTTT functions.


The smart doorbell is a great way to safeguard your house by warding off unwanted guests through its two-way speaker.  Take full advantage of it today and protect your home.

 Our Recommended Smart Doorbell Devices

Ring Eufy Blink


7. Flood Lights Automation


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Smart Flood Lights Automation

Floodlights are specifically designed to light up areas like parking lots, front and back yards, etc. As the name suggests, they are used for flooding an area with a higher amount of light and a wider beam of up to 120 degrees.


Floodlights are the best way of providing an enormous amount of non-natural light to your home at night to add extra security. The smart floodlight automation even makes it better. When integrated with app features, camera add-ons, and two-way intercom integration you are rest assured that you won’t miss a day when the floodlight is not turned on.

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Want to keep the bad boys away from your home? Make use of the smart floodlight automation system integrated with cameras that capture every scene. This will put them off.


LED floodlights are highly recommended since they are energy efficient and have a higher lumen per watt output than any other conventional lighting system.

Our Recommended Floodlight Systems

Amico Ring 1 Ring 2 Ring 3 Lepower



8. Fire Detector Automation


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Fire Detector Automation

Just when you sleep off and forget that you left something on fire, the smoke detector would be there to save the day. Smoke detectors are automated to detect fires by sensing small particles like smoke in the air using some sets of technologies. Once they detect any kind of unwanted smoke above the threshold set, they signal the alarm to sound so that you and your family can get to safety and maybe call 911. Smoke alarms save lives


But if you are not home and no one is there to help, what do you do? Here is where the smart fire/smoke detectors play vital roles. With the smart smoke detector integrated into your phone or tablet, you will be able to get signals whenever something is going wrong.


This will keep you in the know and you will be able to alert the fire department asap. 

Our Recommended Fire Detector Devices

X-Sense FIRST ALERT Kidde Google Nest Protect 



9. Sense Energy Monitor System


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Sense Energy Monitor System

With the sense energy monitor system, your individual devices and appliances can now be monitored closely, keeping track of their usage and electric signal level. This will help you track where energy is going, and where it is most consumed so as to improve it.

The Sense energy monitor does this by tracking the energy usage of those devices and sending the information to your smartphone app via built-in Wi-Fi, giving you on-demand, real-time usage data.


As you constantly use the energy monitor, the devices will automatically learn how you use your energy, and when there is a change in the usage, it will send a warning notification to you.

Our Recommended Energy Monitor Devices

Sense Emporia


10. Smart Blinds Automation


Smart Blinds Automation

The Smart Blinds Automation system puts the control of your home’s lighting and privacy in the palm of your hand. With the smart blind automation system, you won’t have to leave your couch just to close the blinds. And it has also provided an additional level of security.

This is true because when you leave your home for a long time without any activity going on, it tends to attract intruders. But with the smart blind always opening and closing at a set period, people will eventually assume you are home even when you are far away.

Our Recommended Smart Blind Devices

Graywind Yoolax SmartWings


B. Living Room Smart Home Automation Ideas

The Living Room is where the family comes together to have some fun, entertain themselves, and share memories. Having a good ambiance based on the scenes, lighting, and atmosphere usually adds a whole lot of beauty to your living room.


But to make it even more interesting, you can adopt these smart home automation ideas for the living room. Something to control the lighting, dimming features, TV, audio & video, and curtain control making your living room a smart room. Imagine that you close your curtains, turn your tv on, dim lights, and lots more without getting up from your couch.

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To turn your living room into a smart living room, here are some smart home automation ideas you could adopt.


1. Smart Sockets and Plugs


Smart sockets and plugs are one of the most affordable and easiest to use smart home automation devices. They are able to turn your dumb devices into smart appliances.


This is because they allow you to turn almost any dumb appliance with an on/off switch in your home into an automated one that can be controlled by simply tapping on your phone or using a voice command.

This automation process is usually done by connecting to Wi-Fi. And once you are connected, you have full control over the socket using your smartphone or tablet. With this, you can remotely turn on and off any outlet that you have it attached to.


You also have the ability to set schedules, meaning you can turn your lights on and off while away on holiday to mimic your routine.

Our Recommended Devices

Kasa Esicoo BN-LINK


2. Smart Hoover


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Smart Hoover

With the smart hoover, you can easily tackle all your everyday cleaning needs.  It is a practical and efficient Smart Vacuum Cleaner that makes your everyday cleaning quick and easy.


Hoovering the floor manually takes time which is why people usually don’t like hoovering the floor. Plus, you don’t want to go through all that stress knowing that in the next 30 minutes, the whole floor is messed up again.


This is why a lot of people are opting for smart hoovers. The smart hoovers free up your time and save your energy by hoovering the floor for you.


And the amazing part is that it can clean up your floor even in your absence. simply set up daily or weekly schedules that suit your needs and it is good to go.

 Our Recommended Devices

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac iRobot Coredy


3. Smart Thermostats Automation


A smart automated thermostat can do more than turn on/off your heating or cooling system. With it, you can turn the heating and air conditioning on or off remotely or from within the home via a programmable schedule.

When they are connected via Wi-Fi, you have the possibility of controlling the temperature of your home even if you are at work, shopping mall, saloon, or sitting on your couch.


Some even allow you to add voice commands to the heating system, providing you with more control.

You can also have features like digital display screens, that can allow you to create and adjust a heating and cooling calendar.

Our Recommended Devices

Ecobee Honeywell Nest


4. Smart Light Switch Home Automation


Smart light switches are designed as direct replacements for our traditional built-in switches. The smart switches just provide a way to dive deep into smart home automation ideas.  They give much better control over your home’s lighting – this includes all fans, bulbs as well as all hardwired appliances.


With the smart switch automation system, you could control a group of lights from the wall like standard light switches – and you can also pop out the control from the wall and simply control the lights from any position.

Our Recommended Devices

Kasa TreatLife Leviton


5. Automated Window Washer


Smart Home Automation Ideas - Automated Window Washer

One reason why most people neglect cleaning the window is that they find it difficult to clean it on most occasions. Rather than cleaning it themselves, they’ll prefer to wait for a window cleaner to come before their windows can be cleaned. You and I know that a clean window makes for a sparkling home.


And to hire a cleaner each time you want to clean your window may actually be costing you a lot plus, you don’t really know when they will arrive.


This is why you need the smart automated window washer.  With the smart automated window washer, all you need to do is stick the device to the window and it will do the rest for you – cleaning and giving you a sparkling clean window.

Our Recommended Devices



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6. Home Automation Idea with Smart TV


Whether you like it or not, everything is becoming smart, first smartphones, now we have smart TVs. Gone are the days of regular TVs that filled your life with several boring television shows and series. 


Because smart TVs have the power to connect to the internet and do more than just display images on the screen. You are no longer bound by any boring show. Use your smart TV to stream video on demand from Netflix and Amazon, play music, check your social media, connect to the internet and do a lot more.  Check out this list of Best smart TVs for Bright Room

You can even install any app of your choice including gaming apps for the whole family to enjoy.

Our Recommended Smart TVs

Samsung LG Sony



7. Smart Home Automatic Ventilation



The Smart Home Automatic Ventilation concept is based on natural window ventilation to provide improved indoor air hygiene in all types of buildings. The air is exchanged without fans, through the windows, through the temperature difference and wind pressure.


This smart automatic ventilation system helps you to control your home climate and reduce the usage of artificial ventilation systems like fans, and AC. By using smart ventilation, you have the chance to reduce your energy bill as well.


With an app feature, you can control the smart automated vent system and also set predetermined temperatures that let the vent do the work for you.

Our Recommended Devices

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AC Infinity Flair


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8. Smart Home Assistant


Smart Home Assistant

What is Smart Home Assistance? It is a system that lets you control a range of connected devices in your home from your smartphone. These devices could range from lights to alarms; switches to windows, etc. – the idea is that as long as both your home and your phone are connected to the internet, the smart home assistance gives you all the control.


Seeing that smart home automation ideas are becoming more adopted, the need for smart home assistants can’t be over-emphasized. To make your day-to-day activities stress-free, you need smart home assistance.

Alexa Echo and Google Home are the 2 standard smart home assistants at the moment, however, there are others in the market.

Our Recommended Devices

Alexa Echo Dot


9. Smart Air Purifiers


Smart Air Purifiers

The smart air purifier is a Wi-Fi-enabled air monitoring and filtration device.  These devices are capable of removing harmful airborne particles making the air clean. We know how polluted the air we breathe on a daily basis is, and the dangers and harm it is causing to our health in the long run.


This is why people now see smart air purifiers as important devices to help them generate cleaner air through the process of purification.

With a regular air purifier, it might not know which impurities are contaminating your home. But the smart air purifier is built with better intelligence. They actively track and control the quality of the air within your home.

Our Recommended Devices

Bissell Coway LEVOIT Blueair


10. Smart Air condition


Smart Air condition

Smart air conditions simply utilize Wi-Fi connections to an app. When this connection is done, you can easily control and monitor the activities of your A/C from your smartphone or tablet.


Due to the harsh weather conditions, A/C units have become highly sought after and a great lifesaver especially during extremely hot periods in summer. Let’s say you were out during the day and forgot to turn off the A/C. With the Smart control, you can easily do that from anywhere you are. And what if you are returning home, knowing how hot the weather is?  Entering your home during those hot periods can feel very uncomfortable. This is why you also have the smart A/C to save the day.

No matter where you are, your smart A/C allows you to do things like adjusting the target temperature, changing the fan speed, and turning them on and off.

Another cool home automation idea is to integrate it into your smart assistant. With this, there’ll be no more searching for the hidden A/C remote.

Our Recommended Devices

Midea Frigidaire LG A/C



C. Bedroom Home Automation Ideas

The bedroom is another place in your home you may want to automate if you are looking to have an amazing night experience.


As a matter of fact, there is nothing better than sleeping in your lovely bed after a long tiring day’s work. And you don’t want to go into your room knowing that you have to start making arrangements and cleaning before you are able to sleep.


This is where the smart home automation idea plays an important role in your bedroom. Here are a few smart bedroom automation ideas you can try.


1. Smart Mattress


Smart Mattress

A smart mattress or smart bed uses sensors and other smart technologies to gather data about how you’re sleeping. It makes use of this information to self-adjust and improves your sleep. Some smart mattresses even deliver your sleep information to your smartphone – where it can report how well you’re sleeping and offer tips on how you could better improve your sleep.


There are some smart mattresses that even come with features such as Anti-snoring tech and also automatically adjust the firmness depending on your movements.  


Our Recommended Devices

ZINUS Classic Brand


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2. Smart Wireless Charging Bedside Table


Smart Wireless Charging Bedside Table

The smart wireless charging besides the table truly comes in handy on many occasions. There are some days when you just feel too exhausted to move a muscle and you just want to lay down and sleep – only to wake up knowing that you left your phone uncharged through the night.


But with the new smart wireless charging, you have nothing to worry about. It is now much easier to charge your phone even if you forget. Some companies are now adding wireless charging pads directly built into their tables. This will make it much easier for the phone to charge. And for phones that are not compatible, you still have a provision for USB.

Our Recommended Devices

EZVALO Brightech Meross


3. Sleep Tracking Device


Sleep Tracking Device

There are days you wake up refreshed while on other days, it feels like you barely slept at all. What separates your good nights from the bad isn’t always clear. With a sleep tracker, you can get those valuable insights. 


A sleep tracker monitors one or more aspects that reflect your sleep patterns for a clearer picture of how much quality sleep you’re getting. You can use that information to help optimize your sleep experience.


Some sleep trackers come with sleep pads that are placed under the bed for tracking movement and temperature so as to give you feedback in the morning.


With the app, you can keep track and make adjustments that’ll ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Our Recommended Devices

Withings Sleep Amazon Halo Band Beautyrest


4. Smart Curtains


Smart Curtains

After a hectic day’s job, you find yourself falling asleep even without taking off your clothes, let alone remembering to close/open the curtains. The smart curtains work just like the window blind.


With a gentle motorized tug, they will automatically draw themselves completely open or closed depending on your instruction. This is so helpful during those exhausting moments.  With just a simple click or the tap of a button on your smartphone, your curtains will draw open or close with an elegantly smooth and most importantly silent motion.


Some of the amazing features of smart curtains include soft-touch opening, voice activation, app activation, and scheduling.

Our Recommended Devices 

SwitchBot Quoya 


5. Smart Bulb Automation


Smart Bulb Automation

Most times, when you are ready to go to bed, you just want the light dim, not totally off. Although some regular bulbs and lighting switches have regulators for dimming the bulbs, this can not be compared to the smart bulb automation system.  

With the smart automated lighting systems, you can set lights on timers, dimmers, and color wheels, and you can even set ambient lighting based on your preferences in various areas of your home. This is always very helpful in your bedroom. And the amazing part is that you can control all of this remotely from an app on a smartphone.

Our Recommended Systems.

Sengled Philips Hue


6. Bed Climate Control


Bed Climate Control

To enjoy a good night’s sleep, you need a bed that makes you feel comfortable with moderate temperature. The bed climate control works by pumping cool air through the vent and into your bed. 


The bed climatic control cooling methods include using bed fans, air cooling, or water cooling to provide better temperature regulation by removing the hot air and infusing the cool room air in your bed. This process works actively through the night to give you a comfortable bed rest.


Amazingly, you can adjust the smart bed climatic control, to ensure both parties stay comfortable throughout the night.

Our Recommended Devices 

BedJet 3 ChiliSleep 



D. Kitchen Smart Home Automation Ideas

Having an automated smart home is great, but you don’t want to neglect the kitchen when automating your home. Knowing how much time we spend in the kitchen preparing those delicious and tasty meals and knowing how difficult some of the kitchens are, it will be a good idea to automate the kitchen as well. 

When you automate your kitchen, it gives you the ability to have a lot done in less time and the good part is that most kitchen automation ideas are highly effective and efficient making life easier for you. 

Here are some awesome devices that can turn your regular kitchen into a smart kitchen. 

1. Smart Refrigerators


Smart Refrigerators

What are smart fridges? These are refrigerators that are connected to the internet (cloud). And depending on the features built into the fridge, it enables you to do things such as use your smartphone to see what’s inside; send and receive notes and calendar entries that will appear on the fridge’s screen. You can even get alerts if the refrigerator’s door is left open or when the groceries are running low.


In general, smart fridges make our regular refrigerators look very dumb due to the several tasks they perform.


Another amazing feature of some smart refrigerators is that you can see what’s in the fridge even without opening it. While some Smart refrigerators will also order food for you when you’re running low.

Our Recommended Smart Refrigerators

Samsung LG ThinQ



2. Water Sensors


Water Sensors

A water sensor is a great automation idea and a great addition to the home, especially your kitchen. You don’t want to wake up one morning or come back from work to meet a burst water pipe. 

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The water sensors are what you need to track, monitor, and report this information to you on time. It’ll help you identify and report any leaks even before you get home from work. It does this by sending a notification to your phone as soon as there is any issue detected in your pipes. 

When this is done, you can then contact your plumber to check it even before you get home. This is really a cool smart home automation idea that saves you lots of stress and delay. 

Our Recommended Devices 

Govee Flume YoLink



3. Smart Egg Counter


Smart Egg Counter

Almost every home loves to buy eggs in bulk. But sometimes, you may not remember how many eggs are left, and imagine if you were out of the house. This could make you go back and forth except you have someone that can give you the information when you call. 

With a simple smart egg counting device, you can really save yourself the walk. The egg counter comes with sensors in each slot of the egg tray, keeping track and giving you timely information on how many eggs are left. That’s not all, there is also an LED indicator attached to each slot that tells you exactly which egg is fresh.

Our Recommended Device

Quirky Egg Minder


4. Smart Taps


Smart Taps

Smart taps do more than just let water out. And they come with different features. There are some that are designed for real-time monitoring of potable water contamination at the consumer end. While some are designed to just interact with the user. 


With the smart taps, you will be able to get things done with ease, especially when your hands are all dirty and you don’t want to transfer that dirt to your tap handle. Your smart taps can help you by turning on the faucet using your or even your hand gesture.

Some taps also offer temperature assistance and measure water release. When you automate your tap, you save yourself time by not having to clean the handle each time you use it.    

Our Recommended Smart Tap Devices

Delta Faucet Moen



5. Smart Coffee Maker


Smart Coffee Maker

So many people love drinking coffee in the morning before they leave the house. But the process of making coffee may take time and may even delay your going out if you did not wake up on time to prepare your coffee. 


How long would you keep depriving yourself of those early morning rest because you want to make some coffee before stepping out? I guess the solution will be to use the smart coffee maker.


The smart coffee maker lets you start the brews and adjust settings on your smartphone to make your perfect cup of coffee. To save more time, you can even set schedules. For example, you can add grinds before going to bed, and have your smart coffee maker prepare a hot cup of your favorite coffee drink when you wake up. Using the smart coffee maker allows you to make the perfect cup of coffee and you don’t have to leave your bed.

Our Recommended Smart Coffee Makers 

Cuisinart Hamilton Ninja Keurig



6. Smart Thermometer


Smart Thermometer

Smart thermometers are instruments that are able to collect data and transmit its readings so that they can be collected, stored, and analyzed. These readings are transmitted to an app on the users’ smartphones – where they are now able to see a history of their temperature readings.


Most people now use smart wireless thermometers to aid their cooking so as to prepare a perfect meal for the family.  The thermometer allows you to track the temperature of the food you are cooking, for example, meat, fish, etc., and provides you with an estimated cooking time. 

With Bluetooth or a wireless connection, you can connect to the app and track your cooking as you wish. 

Our Recommended Devices 

Meater Govee ThermoPro


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7. Smart Washing machine


Smart Washing machine

Just like other smart home automation devices, smart washing machines are capable of connecting to your household wi-fi networks such as tablets and smartphones. This will enable you to set your washing machine remotely using an app on your phone or tablet, or via Alexa or Google Assistant.


Washing is one thing that most people don’t really love to do. so, anything that makes washing easier is a welcome addition to the kitchen.


With the smart washing machine, you can control, monitor energy usage, and even download unique wash cycles that suit your program. With Alexa or Google Home you can add an extra level of automatization.

Smart washing machine cycles can be started using your voice or the app. Some machines also measure the detergent for you. 

Our Recommended Devices 



8. Smart Automatic Pot Stirrer


Smart Automatic Pot Stirrer

When preparing your favorite meal, there are times when you just wish someone could help you stir the pot to avoid getting your food stuck at the bottom of the pot. You are too tired to keep walking back and forth just to stir the food. 


This is where the smart automatic pot stirrer comes in handy. When you get the smart stirrer, all you need to do is place the device on the pot and allow it to do the stirring. 

This device makes your cooking easier and fun, and they are battery-enabled. This means you can dismantle it and clean the device. 

Our Recommended Devices 




9. Smart Countertop Oven


Smart Countertop Oven

Want to make your cooking simple, easy, and quick? Then you need to get the smart oven. As a matter of fact, most modern kitchens now have smart ovens installed in their kitchens. 

Smart ovens are high-tech, multifunction ovens — these are smart cooking appliances that can cook in several different modes using simple navigation like the push of a button. Generally, they help you take some of the guesswork out of your cooking. And also takes the pressure off and saves time.


With the app, you can simply turn the oven on and adjust the temperature using your smartphone — this can be done remotely, so you don’t necessarily need to be around to turn off/on your oven


Our Recommended Smart Ovens 

Breville Ninja Tovala COSORI



10. Food Analyzer Devices


Food Analyzer Devices

People are usually conscious of what they eat. This is why a lot of people will be happy to take a sample of their food and analyze it if possible before eating. However, the process of doing this manually may take time especially if you are in a restaurant. So, we just neglect all that and enjoy the food.


This is why the smart food analyzer is a welcomed development. There are food analyzers that determine the bacterial colonies from samples of food. And there are some that determine the fat, oil, or protein content and those that do flavor analysis.


Now, it is easy to find a device that will analyze the food you’re about to eat within minutes. They will analyze ingredients, count your calories, and warn you about allergens and toxins found in your food. 

Our Recommended Devices 




11. The Sensor Can


The Sensor Can

While cooking in the kitchen, you just want a way to throw off the dirt without touching the trash can.

That is what the smart Sensor Can do for you. With just a swipe of your hand, the smart sensor trash can will adapt to your gestures and open each time you want to make use of it. 

It will lift the lid, allowing you to easily dispose of kitchen waste. Even if you have a pet that loves running to and fro, false triggers and unexpected lid closures will be the least of your concerns.

Our Recommended Devices




12. Auto Soap Dispenser 


Auto Soap Dispenser 

The automatic touchless soap dispenser provides a great way to make washing easy. You don’t need to touch the soap bottle ever again.

simply put your hand under the sensor and this handy gadget will dispense the soap for you. This will ensure you don’t pass on some dirt from your hand to the soap can in the kitchen. 

This prevents bacteria from spreading all over your kitchen. And you don’t even need to connect to any wifi or Bluetooth. 

Our Recommended Devices

Simplehuman Hanamichi  Secura



13. Smart Wifi Instant Pot


Smart Wifi Instant Pot

This smart wifi instant pot is everything you need in a cooking pot. Probably why it is now everyone’s favorite cooking pot. 

This little kitchen appliance is totally an upgraded version of the regular pots. Not only can it do all that a standard Instant Pot can do — it does more like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, steamer, and warmer all in one, and you can sauté in it, too. Plus, it’s WiFi-enabled — meaning it can connect to an app and also support Alexa. 

Our Recommended Instant Pot

Instant Pot CHEF iQ



14. High-Speed Smart Toaster


High-Speed Smart Toaster

Indeed everything is becoming smart. As long as smartphones exist, smart devices will keep popping up every day. 

These all work together to make life easier and better. This is why you shouldn’t think less of a smart toaster because they do exist. 

The high-speed smart toaster comes with a touch-screen and features smart cooking sensors that perfectly toast bread, bagels, waffles, toaster pastries, and English muffins to your liking. 

There is also a 15-second reheat function in case your toast gets cold. 

 Our Recommended Device



This blog post is always being updated with Smart Home Automation Ideas. Each time we come across good automation ideas for homes, we’ll do well to update the list here. 

So, feel free to always check on this topic for the latest trend in smart home automation ideas.

If you have any device you would like us to look into and review, you can drop the name or company in the comment section or use the contact us page to send us a message.



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